Lead scanning apps

Lead Scanning Apps

    The more the online field develops, the more valuable offline communication becomes. Even in our digital age, there is nothing more valuable than live communication.       Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, all business events, forums, … Read More

Rating of CRM Systems in 2020

     The business sphere is constantly developing and segmenting. At the same time, the CRM market is evolving, software products are updating, new features are emerging, or the already known ones are combined. Not getting confused when searching for … Read More

The best way to organize business contacts

The best way to organize business contacts

Even the worst system is much better than not having a system at all.        How do you keep your contacts? A lot of people keep them in a mess. Part of it is on the smartphone. Part … Read More

Helpfull tools for HubSpot CRM

    HubSpot is one of the most popular CRM systems. It has many useful tools in its functionality. We have selected the top HubSpot tools to help you use the CRM.   1- HubSpot Sales     HubSpot Sales- … Read More

Special offer from MagneticOne MobileWorks

      The coronavirus risk has significantly changed the daily routine for millions of people from around the world.        The rapid spread of the coronavirus is forcing countries to declare quarantine. We don’t know what’s coming … Read More

Best way to scan business cards into Salesforce CRM

Best way to scan business cards into Salesforce CRM

  Anyone who works in the business sector spends too much time looking for business cards that were presented at meetings, networking events and conferences. After all, who has the time to empty their pockets, wallets, and purses, and then … Read More

Skyward CRM system

What is Skyward CRM system?

In today’s world, whatever big or small, businesses are using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. If some of them still haven’t started using CRMs, they have heard about them anyway. Sales representatives hardly imagine marketing and marketing strategies without CRM. … Read More


Important notice for all users of Business Card Reader for Pipedrive CRM for iOS!    UPDATED. The update was released on April 22nd, and all the functionality of the Business Card Reader for Pipedrive CRM for iOS was restored. Please, … Read More

Bpm’online renaming into Creatio

  We all know the proven CRM system bpm’online for years. MagneticOne MobileWorks company collaborates with bpm’online and had developed its own applications for integration with bpm such as Business Card Reader for bpm’online CRM (available for Android) and Call … Read More

Sugar CRM application

  The Sugar CRM system that has already established itself in the market has many supporters. Large companies such as Coca-Cola and SpaceX use this CRM system.   Sugar CRM has its own add-on for iOS and Android. The application … Read More