8 ways to increase sales with CRM

8 ways to increase sales with CRM

One of the main objectives of the CRM system is to increase the company’s profits. In this article will consider 8 ways how to increase sales with CRM. 1. CRM system helps to store information about potential sales in one place. … Read More

5 reasons your CRM system isn’t working—and its’ Solutions

Your sales department reclaims the leads coming out of marketing are not good enough. And marketing is also complaining that sales don’t follow up on leads. Sound familiar?   If so, it comes the time to check your current CRM … Read More

The most convenient CRM systems and their features

The most convenient CRM systems and their features

Founders of companies often ask themselves: which CRM system should I choose? We have created an overview for you, where we analyzed the CRM systems based on functionality, cost of implementation and ease of use.   Zoho CRM The main … Read More

Business cards — indispensable attributes

Business cards — indispensable attributes of modern business

Any kind of business today is customer-oriented. The issues of partnership, the sale of goods and services, expansion of contacts are solving in different ways. Business cards are the simplest and most effective way. Such a function as an urgent … Read More

CRM Trends appeared in 2018

CRM Trends appeared in 2018

Our life is full of changes – we change ourselves every day; technologies changes too. Especially it’s remarkable before the New Year comes because mostly everyone wants to change their lives after New Year. Moreover, it is a precise time … Read More

CRM System

CRM System is a necessary thing in 2018

Do you know what is the CRM system? Why is it used and what is the benefit of it? Today we will try to solve these issues. CRM-systems are special computer programs that allow you to schedule tasks and monitor … Read More

Useful Tricks To Get More Out of Your Company’s CRM System

5 Useful Tricks To Get More Out of Your Company’s CRM System

Does your CRM fully satisfy you? Probably not. This software holds huge potential, but most businesses don’t have enough skills to use it to its full functionality. This means, that many of the features you are paying for are wasted … Read More

Ways to Organize Business Cards

3 Ways to Organize Business Cards

Contact information is one of the most important aspects of networking and business communications. You’ll have the opportunity to find people quicker by organizing your business cards. This leads to more sales and long-term relations. By writing down important information, … Read More

15 tips for work with business cards

A business card is not only an attribute but a tool to draw attention to your personality. After each conference, there are dozens of business cards in your pocket. How many of them have a chance to get into your … Read More

Download Call Tracker for Salesforce CRM.

Call Tracker for Salesforce CRM. Are you still using it?!

Are you confused about process of configuration and usage of Call Tracker for Salesforce CRM?   It is much easier than it looks! Just take a look at this brief guide:   The most important thing to make the application … Read More