CRM Trends appeared in 2018
Our life is full of changes – we change ourselves every day; technologies changes too. Especially it’s remarkable before the New Year comes because mostly everyone wants to change their lives after New Year. Moreover, it is a precise time for the business owners, because they are planning how to increase their company’s productivity. Your goal is to find out the new tendencies for the business. So, you can pay attention to the CRM trends in 2018 and choose the platform, which suits the best for your organization.


We can not be sure for 100% should we expect some significant shocks, but it is possible to suppose the following:


  • customers will set demands to improve the quality of service. This will strengthen the work of companies to improve the interaction between clients;
  • CRM platforms will become one of the main sources to promote the customers cooperation;
  • the mobility of business managers will become not only a desirable feature but a necessary one. Therefore, the number of mobile gadgets, which use CRM, will increase;
  • storing data in the cloud will be more popular. Moreover, the information from local servers will be moved there;
Let’s pay attention to experts and forecasts for the further CRM industry improvement to get more detailed information about the CRM trends 2018:


  1. CRM will become more automatized
That’s true that the computers and robots play the important role nowadays. For example, it’s hard to imagine a person who doesn’t use gadgets, virtual reality or some other innovations. So developers of the CRM systems should take this information into account. One of the most important points is to provide the possibility of self-service for customers. For all of that, customers also want to avoid communication only with the machine.


  1. Rising of the CRM adaptation to improve customer’s assurance
The CRM trends 2018 is the search for the technologies to make the system as simple as possible for the user. It’s recommended to let the employees share their experiences with colleagues. It helps to achieve the company productivity sooner and could almost take away the misunderstandings between workers.


  1. Advance the daily goals through the using of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI chatbots
The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and AI chatbots is one of the essential CRM trends 2018. This technology can help users to perform the daily tasks more efficient. For example, the ability to download data can save your time. In turn, the Chatbots will be able to advance the necessary information search, recognize your voice commands and connect to the CRM or social networks. As for social bots, they will be able to search for the statistics on the behavior and mood of clients in social networks.


  1. Continuation of the SILOS department fall
The essential goals of any CRM are resolved by user requirements: increased service, marketing and sales improvement. However, the destruction of these borders creates confusion among workers, when they have to go beyond their functions and complete the new tasks. Therefore, it is notable that the CRM trends 2018 is the further development and integration of adjacent systems to enable the performers to work with the necessary information without interruptions.


  1. Incoming of the more affordable cloud-based CRMs
Using the cloud-based CRM is a good solution for the start-ups. So, most small businesses are using one or more of such solutions. You can ask –  why are cloud services so popular? The reason is that it can help the organizations to get the ability to share files with the clients or partners at the invitation with no email using, manage pipelines, track goals and visual sales and individual reports.


We mentioned some of the main trends of CRM in 2018, but they are much more. Therefore, it is recommended to take a look at some solutions that should be considered as the superiors of the CRM trends 2018. Because of this, take a closer look at Salesforce CRM, HubSpot CRM, Zoho CRM or another CRM systems.
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