Rating of CRM Systems in 2020

     The business sphere is constantly developing and segmenting. At the same time, the CRM market is evolving, software products are updating, new features are emerging, or the already known ones are combined. Not getting confused when searching for … Read More


What is a Pipedrive CRM system?

What is a Pipedrive CRM system?!   Pipedrive CRM – this relative new CRM–system, was founded in 2010 and headquarters in Estonia. According to data Pipedrive, over 85 000 users of the world use this CRM–system. Many users are supporters … Read More

Custom Fields for Business Card Reader

News! Additional Custom Fields for Business Card Reader from M1M

  Our dear users, we have great news for you. Developers of MagneticOne Mobile have created additional custom fields feature for your Business Card Reader for Pipedrive CRM. The maximum amount of info can be read from the business cards, … Read More

Common CRM Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common CRM Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We live in the age, where businesses are built on the relationships between customers and their shoppers. Customer relationship management (“CRM”) is elemental to a small business’s customer experience strategy. These days, small businesses have access to CRM technology, which … Read More

CRM Implementation CRM Top 5 Mistakes During

By implementing such business technologies as Customer Relationship Management solutions, companies can be ahead of their competitors. This gives an opportunity for companies to offer rational customer experience of high quality as they have most up-to-date information. There are few … Read More