Custom Fields for Business Card Reader


Our dear users, we have great news for you. Developers of MagneticOne Mobile have created additional custom fields feature for your Business Card Reader for Pipedrive CRM. The maximum amount of info can be read from the business cards, but  Pipedrive CRM does not provide necessary default fields and there is an opportunity to create custom fields. That’s why you need to create “description” field and then write down the info you’d like to add.


There are standard fields, which you can’t change, but there are also such fields as “position” or “street”, where you can tap necessary information. Right from now you can create the same custom fields in the app! You can create few fields manually and make an accordance between these fields and information, you’d like to see there, and save. Then the programme will be managed by saved rules. If you won’t save this info, it will be continuously saved in the “description”.


These custom fields are very useful. because you could add more necessary info and save it in your CRM. That’s a great benefit not to remember lots of unnecessary information. You could try these new function from the 7-th of June and enjoy the results! Also, you can learn how to set up it correctly here: 
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