What is a Pipedrive CRM system?!


Pipedrive CRMthis relative new CRMsystem, was founded in 2010 and headquarters in Estonia. According to data Pipedrive, over 85 000 users of the world use this CRMsystem. Many users are supporters of Pipedrive because this CRM system has great connections and functions Pipedrive CRM is easy and comfortable in using. CRMsystem recognized more than 15 languagesPipedrive CRM provides a few functions, that helps many companies organize contacts, action, and correspondents   

More Features 


This CRM, also,  can support additional useful features, like Time Tracking. Currant CRM works in the sales fields based on different tasks. In the sphere of the sale, we cannot control results, but for helping Pipedrive CRM we can control action, which leads to the final agreements Pipedrive CRM has added functions for tracking agreements.


You can choose a convenient platform


If you use program CRM Pipedrive platforms Android and IOS you can get access to your data even if you are in the way Mobile applications for CRM Pipedrive easily and just in the navigation. On the platforms Android or IOS you can quickly tracking your agreements, actions, and contacts whether you can use search functions, in order to find important dataCRM Pipedrive has several functions, that improve mobile applications. They include tracking calls, notes, and further action. Pipedrive CRM is available in any place and at any time This CRMsystem, also, available for a different amount of clients, in particular, big companies. CRM Pipedrive has a low price for the simplest CRMservices. CRMsystem quickly installing and allowed save your time in work and more pay attention to your work with an agreement about sales. 


The best solutions  for more opportunities Pipedrive CRM


Business Card Reader for Pipedrive CRM is a mobile app that allows you to send data from business cards into your CRM in two taps. Just take a picture of a business card and the application will scan all the necessary information, put it into the corresponding fields and send it to the CRM system.


With this app, you can save a business card in just 2 clicks and 10 seconds of your time!


  1. Snap a photo of a business card and the app recognizes it automatically
  2. Preview and save results
Here are some features of this product, that really help in business life: – Simple and intuitive interface – Built-in integration wizard exclusively for Pipedrive CRM – Ability to recognize business cards from card images saved earlier – 25 recognition languages supported – Multilingual cards recognition supported – Automatically add country phone code when code is missing in business card phone number – Fast recognition process; – Precise conversion of business card data; – Preview results and make necessary changes before saving; – Add text and voice notes for each business card; – Instantly save results by one touch (to CRM, phone contacts or Gmail contacts); – It doesn’t violate any laws or privacy rights; – It always keeps your contacts secure and in one place;


Creation custom fields 

The maximum amount of info can be read from the business cards, but  Pipedrive CRM does not provide necessary default fields and there is an opportunity to create custom fields. That’s why you need to create a “description” field and then write down the info you’d like to add.   There are standard fields, which you can’t change, but there are also such fields as “position” or “street”, where you can tap necessary information. 


Right from now you can create the same custom fields in the app! 


You can create a few fields manually and make accordance between these fields and information, you’d like to see there, and save. Then the program will be managed by saved rules. If you won’t save this info, it will be continuously saved in the “description”. These custom fields are very useful. because you could add more necessary info and save it in your CRM. That’s a great benefit not to remember lots of unnecessary information. You could try these new functions from the 7-th of June and enjoy the results! Also, you can learn how to set up it correctly here: 


  1. Call Tracker for Pipedrive CRM is a mobile app intended to transfer data from smartphone into Pipedrive.

 What are the main features Call Tracker For Pipedrive?

  • Easily tracks incoming and outgoing calls as Tasks in CRM;
  • Ability to attach calls to the following records in CRM: Account, Contact or Lead;
  • Add Voice Notes;
  • Create rules to enable automatic call tracking for Contacts;
  • Add calls later from your Call Log;
  • Tracks call offline – pending activities will sync automatically when the Internet connection is restored.


How does a Call Tracker work?

The App automatically saves call information into CRM (who called, date, call duration).  At the end of the call, you can choose to save it into your CRM or not. You can set up rules for certain contact –to save always or never save into CRM.   Your call is saved into your connected CRM. You can also add notes (or voice notes) to the saved call.



Try and enjoy! 

This service is very useful for every businessman to keep everything under control and all the information in one place! You won’t have a need to install a lot of applications to have your colleague’s personal data in hands because this one will do almost everything. Next time someone hands you a business card, give these apps a try. Your wallet will thank you — and you’ll never have to change it.
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