By implementing such business technologies as Customer Relationship Management solutions, companies can be ahead of their competitors. This gives an opportunity for companies to offer rational customer experience of high quality as they have most up-to-date information. There are few mistakes during CRM implementation, which can force a solution to sink before it’s even completed and fully operational. We have pointed out five common mistakes below:

  •  Not Running Business Problems Right:
Many organizations ignore the need of determining their business problems beforehand. As a result, they don’t know what they want to achieve out of  CRM implementation and what is the actual aim of it. It doesn’t capture the full potential of CRM system for any organization.


  •  Taking Wrong Approach to Change:
Most businesses know how necessary is the training of their CRM users yet they overlook the importance of getting ‘right’ people on board. No matter how good the CRM is, if it is not placed in the hands of ‘right’ people, they will not be able to work efficiently with it. Involving the ‘right’ people into the process means making them an essential part of decision-making process. In fact, a successful CRM implementation is a two-way communication which requires input and effort from the whole organization.


  •  Always Keeping Budget in Mind:
Nevertheless budget is certainly an important aspect of CRM implementation, but some businesses maximize its importance. In an effort to accommodate their budget, business cut down on the crucial functionality of CRM solution. For example, rather than customized solution companies go for off-the-shelf-solution based on price but they fail to realize how important it is to find a solution that perfectly fits the organizations.


  • Not having any plan:
It’s important to remember that a CRM implementation is a long-term process – not a one-time easy fix. Considering this fact, it demands an appropriate CRM strategy in place which progresses over the time. So that the solution is adjusted to the business requirements and needs.


  • Underestimating the need of Mobile CRM:
Another main mistake is that companies weaken the mobility functionality in CRM. Because of the rapidly-changing digital environment, it has become imperative to adopt an intuitive and interactive CRM – one that provides complete access on-the-go.


This does not involve just rendering CRM on the mobile devices. It also involves taking advantage of location information of the customers and functionalities like the ability to integrate documents into CRM and make calls from CRM platform. This gives businesses an opportunity to use lots of CRM’s apps. One of the most useful is Business Card Reader for Pipedrive CRM. It gives you the opportunity to keep all the info from your colleague’s business cards in one place – Pipedrive CRM. All you need is the Pipedrive account, and then you can make your business life less busy.


If you relate to any of these mistakes within your organization, visit our website for a free consultation on successful Pipedrive CRM implementation, or contact us with email


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