Useful Tricks To Get More Out of Your Company’s CRM System
Does your CRM fully satisfy you? Probably not. This software holds huge potential, but most businesses don’t have enough skills to use it to its full functionality. This means, that many of the features you are paying for are wasted and unused. But there are some tricks, which help you maximize the contribution of your CRM software to your business, so here you go!


1. Prepare Useful Training for Your Workers

When implementing a new CRM solution, a common mistake is to train workers immediately but to become lax as new workers are hired or moved into positions that require working with the CRM. Sometimes offer training to refresh those who have used the system for awhile and teach those new how to work with the software.

2. Adopt Your CRM Data With Social Media

The customer data in your CRM is not a full picture of your leads and customers. Teach sales staff to use Twitter Firehose data, Google Alerts, and other sources to get a fuller picture of your leads and customers before creating a contact.

3. Keep Your CRM Up to Date

Updating of your CRM software to the latest one isn’t just so that you can benefit from all the new functions. It also helps to maintain the security of your system. Data vulnerabilities are constantly addressed by software vendors, but you don’t have that protection unless you have the latest version. Companies that choose cloud-based CRM software always have an access to the latest and most secure version.)

4. Integrate Your CRM with the rest of the Software Apps your Business Uses

CRM software is usually sold as a stand-alone product, but it is more useful when integrated with other data management, collection, and analysis systems across the organization. When integrating software packages, it’s good to live by the rule ‘the more the merrier’.

5. Encourage Consistent & Regular Data Entry


This is an issue, that most organizations like to keep hush-hush, but it happens almost in every company. There can be few workers who decide, that they can ignore using the software and develop their own customer management system. It usually occurs on an Excel spreadsheet, but occasionally in a poorly organized Word document. Is your business using the right CRM software for your needs? Has your organization learned to integrate other CRM software with the rest of your apps to become a true data-driven company? Try Salesforce CRM with the rest of your business apps.
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