Founders of companies often ask themselves: which CRM system should I choose? We have created an overview for you, where we analyzed the CRM systems based on functionality, cost of implementation and ease of use.

Zoho CRM

The main advantage of this management system is the ability to collect different data in one database. It works with the subsequent development of strategies and plans in several areas of commerce. It’s about marketing, sales, and customer support. In addition to these functional features, Zoho CRM can offer its customers options for analyzing sources of targeted traffic and visitor activity. Providing solutions for the rapid optimization of customer service algorithms, tools for data collection and strategy development.


In addition to the above services, it’s worth mentioning the cloud-based sales automation system — amoCRM. A wide range of functions, user-friendly interface, a well-thought-out analytics system. Also, this CRM has a fairly large list of ready-made business solutions. Do not forget about widgets, client forms, mock-ups, as well as various planners, databases, analysis, and data management tools, including integration functions and control.


Bitrix24 was launched in 2012 and, in a relatively short time, has gained popularity among small and medium-sized businesses. Among the main opportunities: the accounting of potential and existing customers, the exchange of documents, and the creation of collective tasks. The system integrates with online stores easily. Moreover, it allows you to add a catalog of goods and services and process orders inside without resorting to third-party services. Data from the correspondence can be entered automatically — integration with e-mail is also provided.

Tracking deals at altitude — the path of each transaction can be tracked from the time of the arrival of the lead to turning it into a full-fledged deal. You can assign an individual manager to the client. The effectiveness of employees is monitored and measured using standard reports.


One of the most popular CRM systems in the world. Fast and very functional, based on AppExchange. It has a very convenient search system, allowing you to switch to the necessary tasks or documents quickly.

There is an opportunity to subscribe to updates in documents — the system will notify about all the changes made. Communication between employees of the company is organized within the CRM — no need to use third-party messengers. Also, the system includes the platform — it allows you to connect various applications to the system.

This system is easy to integrate with various mobile solutions. As an example — Business Card Reader for Salesforce CRM is a mobile app that allows you to send data from business cards into your Salesforce CRM in two taps. Just take a picture of a business card and the application will scan all the necessary information, put it into the corresponding fields and send to the CRM system.

In conclusion,

The use of CRM and priority business tasks will allow organizations to effectively optimize key business processes. It will become a profitable investment that will ensure not only the stable growth of profitability indicators but also build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relations with your customers.

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