Do you know what is the CRM system? Why is it used and what is the benefit of it? Today we will try to solve these issues. CRM-systems are special computer programs that allow you to schedule tasks and monitor their implementation, keep a record of customers, store project documentation and automate its creation, and much more. We are sure that without this useful “thing” you can nothing in the business. You will need this system necessarily if you are engaged in project management, where there are at least 2 projects and 2-3 managers. Trust us, if you have an organized teamwork, you will quickly increase efficiency, and will be able to gain the trust of customers, because you:
  • don’t miss the deadline.
  • know what is happening on the project;
  • quickly respond to any issues that arise during the course of the work;
  • know about the weak places of managers, and know how to direct their energy in the right direction.


CRM-systems have a stylish interface and clear architecture. One hour is enough for studying it. And now – the main thing, who will appreciate this approach to work? These are IT companies, where at least 10-15 projects with different levels of complexity: from the development of the landing page to the creation of trade portals. In most cases, two or three complex projects are supervised by one web developer. And if you want to help a person handle everything on time and remember all the information that relates to the technical specification, customer requirements and comments on the project manager, then run either a free CRM system or a paid service that has a rich functionality and a number of benefits that will help accelerate team communication and performance. You need a CRM-system for small businesses as well. For example, a mini-online store of clothes, shoes, accessories and other useful things. Just imagine how great it is to organize the work of the whole store in a few clicks, and always know about work stage. It’s good to use these platforms in the restaurant business, the fashion industry, booking, beauty salon. And you need to do this, at least to ensure that the staff spent less time on ordering and communicating with customers, and such useful information as customer contacts and correspondence with him will always be at hand. Collecting business cards is great, but not smart. Over time, you will lose some of them. Business Card Reader for Salesforce CRM is a good solution which will help you with that in a few clicks. It will scan the business card and send data directly to the CRM system. Download this wonderful application now and forget about all the issues with business cards:
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