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    The more the online field develops, the more valuable offline communication becomes. Even in our digital age, there is nothing more valuable than live communication.


    Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, all business events, forums, conferences, exhibitions have been canceled or postponed indefinitely. But many events are planned for the end of 2020, so both international and domestic business activities will be resumed, and many businessmen are already planning their trips. 


    Everyone knows that profile business events are an ideal way to expand your customer base and find new sales channels. So at such events, you meet dozens of new people who can turn from leads to regular customers. Therefore, to avoid losing contact with any lead, you should use special applications for lead capture.


    You don’t need to store every paper business card, just scan them and save all the info from it. We prepared a list of the best lead scanning apps for you.

1. Business Card Reader Multi CRM

    Business Card Reader Multi CRM – a mobile lead scanning application that allows creating new contacts or leads from paper business cards just in couple clicks. Imagine yourself in any business event. After a conversation, your interlocutor gives you a business card. Using the camera of your smartphone, you’re taking a picture of the business card, and the app automatically recognizes all card information. You can preview the results, enter additional info, notes (or voice notes) that you heard from your interlocutor that are not on the card, and save new lead to the CRM (customer relationship management) system.


    Yes, the main advantage of this app is that you are saving lead information directly to your CRM system. You can send the picture of the business card to the CRM too. Business Card Reader Multi CRM supports 13 different CRMs in one application (+ Google Sheets) and reads business cards in more than 20 languages that is a perfect solution for international events.


  • Get more extended person’s information on the fly from a database of daaata.io;
  • Precise conversion of business card data (using optical character recognition);
  • Encrypted recognition server connection for maximum data security;
  • QR code scanning.


2. Lead Retrieval & Mobile CRM

    Lead Retrieval & Mobile CRM – capture and follow-up on sales leads generated at events. This lead scanning app gives exhibitors the ability to measure results against sales or event objectives. Demonstrate efficient use time, energy and budget when exhibiting at the event. You can log into the app as a guest (no account setup required), take notes and prioritize leads.


  • Share a single lead retrieval license with multiple devices;
  • Add lead qualifiers like surveys and custom questions (optional per event).


3. EventX

    EventX – event attendee app that allows you to scan business cards. With this application, you’ll have access to all conference content: schedule, speaker bios, and more. Learn about event sponsors, and get contact information of all major partners.


  • Social networking – interact with conference faculty, engage with other attendees, exhibitors, and business partners;
  • Create your custom profile to share with other attendees.


4. Lead Retrieval by Tecogis

    Lead Retrieval by Tecogis – is a QR code powered lead scanning app. This solution will help exhibitors in events and trade shows have immediate access to the contact information of their potential clients, through their mobile devices. Each attendee can download the app and get it activated by scanning their own badge for an event. This completely removes the traditional way of sharing visiting cards and writing in notepads.


  • Add lead contact detail directly to your phone book;
  • Email all lead data in CSV format;
  • Check previous event leads;
  • Rate your leads and search details from captured lead data using filters.


    So, we hope that our list of the best lead scanning apps will be useful for you! We recommend you to try these applications by yourself and experience all the benefits and convenience. Using such lead scanning apps will keep you up with modern trends and make a good impression on potential customers at business events.


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