Spooktacular treat for all CRM users and Halloween lovers

Mr. Pumpkin was an average salesman. He held a small costume store in Salem. He got sales only on Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and on Independence Day. This fact was making him very sad.


Once on Halloween Eve, an old lady came to his store she saw that something was wrong with him. She went closer to the counter and wondered what was wrong. Mr. Pumpkin told her that he owns this store for a long time and doesn’t get enough sales as he wanted to get. She asked him what he does for his customers’ advertisement. Mr. Pumpkin told that he just makes posters near his store and that is all. The old lady shook her head and left her business card in front of him. She told him that when he will be ready for changes, then he needs to call her right away. Mr. Pumpkin took the card and put it in his pocket.


Later that day he was thinking about that odd situation and took one more look at the card. He thought that there is a time to change everything, and he dialed her number. The old lady was very surprised that Mr. Pumpkin called to get her advice. She asked him if he collects business cards from his customers? Mr. Pumpkin told her that he loses most of the cards. The old lady asked if he heard about such a thing as Business Card Reader? Mr. Pumpkin’s answer was “no”. She sent him a link on his phone and told to install one and to try it. After that, the call was disconnected. Mr. Pumpkin went online and downloaded the application. He thought that probably the old lady was just joking.


The next day there was a customer from Norway, who really liked the concept of his store. He asked Mr. Pumpkin about a possible franchise. The customer left his card and asked to contact him back. Mr. Pumpkin made a scan of the card and left a voice note to contact the client back. In a few weeks, they have signed a fruitful contact and things went right for Mr. Pumpkin’s business. He was very thankful for that day that has changed his life completely.


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