The coronavirus risk has significantly changed the daily routine for millions of people from around the world. 


    The rapid spread of the coronavirus is forcing countries to declare quarantine. We don’t know what’s coming next, but it’s important to stay sane and entertained during this period of quarantine. While someone doesn’t know what to do during quarantine, keep watching movies, browsing the Internet, or disassembling old stuff, others start learning new things online and continue handling business from home.


    One of the best things we can do is to continue work from home. Office workers doing their usual job from home is the best quarantine solution. But the key to effective implementing such type of activity should be organizational support from the company to its employees. 


    While most of the world stays on quarantine, MagneticOne MobileWorks recommends not to lose contact with your clients. Keep moving to contactless business management methods with CRM (Customer relationship management) systems. Stop storing paper business cards and scan all of them into the CRM and continue working with clients right now. 

Quarantine special offer!

    To help with that, MagneticOne MobileWorks launches the support campaign until the period of quarantine ends on July 5th. We offer +50% credits (available scans) and plus one month of use for all Business Card Reader applications when you purchase any corporate or personal (from 200 credits) plan through our website. Become fully digital and make your daily routine much faster using our solution for CRMs!



    In addition to this, don’t forget about the Call Tracker app, which became extremely actual in today’s situation for remote work. We offer a discount of 25% for the purchase of an annual corporate plan for Call Tracker (all CRMs) for more than 5 users (up to 49), and a 50% discount if you get the plan for 50+ users when you purchase through our website. And also plus one month of use for every subscription.



    So, don’t waste your time and get benefits with our mobile applications. Don’t miss your chance to get out of quarantine ready for new challenges! MagneticOne MobileWorks helps businesses to do more with less.


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