What is a SuiteCRM  system?

Suite CRM-is an open-source CRM-system that helps you attract, grow and save without limits. This Suite CRM has a convenient design, that makes the system more available for any mobile device.  Modern thoughts about SuiteCRM Many ordinary people never think … Read More

What is a Freshsales CRM  system?

This CRM system is a worldwide contact management solution. With Freshsales СRM is used in many channels of the interaction of sales services, phone calls, e-mail, events, meetings, registration forms on websites, advertising links, chats, social networks.  In 2017, this … Read More

What is a Capsule CRM system?

  Capsule CRM is one of the CRM that quickly stores all the information you need. With Capsule, you can add notes, documents, agreements, suggestions, and other files, as well as add tasks to do for each contact. Applications that … Read More

What is a Copper CRM system?

  Copper CRM-system is a modern innovation solution that allows building a business of connection and clarity. CRM helps you attract, grow and save without limits.   Modern opportunities with CRM and Applications Many ordinary people never think about CRM-systems, … Read More

What is an Act CRM! system?

What is an Act! CRM system?!   Benefits of Act CRM system This CRM system is a worldwide contact management solution. With Act CRM, all your contacts are quickly saved and easy to find. This is very easy for people … Read More


What is a Pipedrive CRM system?

What is a Pipedrive CRM system?!   Pipedrive CRM – this relative new CRM–system, was founded in 2010 and headquarters in Estonia. According to data Pipedrive, over 85 000 users of the world use this CRM–system. Many users are supporters … Read More

9 facts about CRM systems

CRM system is one of the most effective tools that you can use in your company, also it can help in the development and strengthening the customer base. Businessman,  who have implemented CRM successfully, know how valuable and useful it … Read More

9 Reasons Why You Need a Business Card

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5 Useful Tricks To Get More Out of Your Company’s CRM System

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5 rules for creating an ideal business card

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