Suite CRM-is an open-source CRM-system that helps you attract, grow and save without limits. This Suite CRM has a convenient design, that makes the system more available for any mobile device. 
Modern thoughts about SuiteCRM
Many ordinary people never think about CRM-systems, applications and other devices. It’s worth thinking about it! We live in the 21st century and modern technology is an integral part of our lives. Especially their value is noticed by people working in the field of business. When time is short and there are too many things to do, when you have a large number of partners, colleagues who are calling and you have to control it all. I Agree to work hard!  But the modern world is doing everything to make our lives easier and more convenient with the use of mobile applications. Nowadays, we cannot imagine life without mobile phones. With their help, we can do everything, order food, call a taxi, track calls, scan business cards, help a person, find a way, set a reminder, learn, develop, relax, and more. But the appropriate features require the right applications. Today,  there are current business applications. They save time and speed up productivity. 


Applications that cooperation with SuiteCRM


In order to be able to use many applications, such as Business Card Reader(MagneticOne Mobile Works), all you need is a SuiteCRM – system. The best solution its try this application.  Let’s look options Business Card Reader for SuiteCRM
  • the ability to recognize business cards from a saved photo; 
  • recognition of up to three languages ​​on one business card;
  •  ability to edit before saving; 
  • adding text and voice notes; instantly save results with one touch (up to CRM);
And these are not all of the features available in SuiteCRM. By using Capsule you also have the opportunity to save your time, because all the information you need to know about colleagues, partners, friends you can easily store in your database (SuiteCRM-system). You have to download the right application with the right CRM-system.


Also, you can use Call Tracker (MagneticOne Mobile Works). It is exactly what you need if you want to store calls, track their duration, add your comments and voice notes, create rules for tracking. 


So,  if you don’t want to be lost in this world, you need to develop with the latest technology. Only worth a try once! Try, enjoy and developed with modern technical! 
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