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While some companies think about using CRM systems, those who are confident in themselves and the future have long been using them. Many large and successful companies use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Microsoft customer relationship management is a system of the well-known Microsoft Corporation © that has a great number of customers worldwide and is only getting better every year.


That is why we have developed a Business Card Scanner for clients of this Microsoft CRM system.


In order to scan a business card you need to:

Step 1. Download Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Card Scanner.

You can download the app for Android and iOS. Just click on the link above or find us in your marketplace.


Step 2. Open the application and log in to the MS Dynamics 365 CRM system.

CRM Microsoft system, in its technical part, is somewhat “complicated”. It supports more than 115 authorization methods. Most of them are supported and improved with each new update. You should use the same username and password that you use to log in to the MS Dynamics CRM via the web. In the “URL” field, you should enter a part of your CRM’s web address, for example,


Step 3. Scan a business card – click on the “Camera” button, then point it at the business card and take a picture.

Try to focus the camera on a business card, and then take a picture. The quality of the server scan depends directly on the quality of the photo. You can select a previously taken photo from your gallery. You can also save a business card photo to Dynamic CRM.


Step 4. Check the scanned data.

Many fields are automatically recognized, but you can check the correctness and edit if needed. You can also add your own custom fields to fill the contact with maximum information in your CRM Dynamics.




How to customize your custom fields, watch in this video.


Step 5. Save your business card.

The app saves the information to your CRM system immediately. Go in and check the results.


It’s very simple and convenient. The app available for Android and iOS. Don’t put off downloading for later! Download the app for Microsoft CRM online. Get Dynamics 365 Business Card Scanner here.


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