In today’s world, everyone is striving to become better, more environmentally friendly, and to benefit people.
Business card scanners in the offices did a great job, but they were not practical.
They cannot be simply pocketed, but they are also fast-breaking and not cheap. Scanned business card information can be stored on a PC and cannot be integrated into CRM systems.

So if you are interested in scanners, then the article “Top 3 Business Card Scanners for CRM” is for you.


At the 1st place, we are usually modestly located, the application Business Card Reader Multi CRM.

– You can customize custom fields for your CRM;

– Get more extended person’s information on the fly from a database: Company name, Position, Job title, Address, Social network profiles, messengers, etc.;

– Send a letter with your contact information to a saved contact;

– Save the location of a business card recognition process;

Also, a feature is that the application recognizes more than 25 languages ​​and has a fast recognition process.


Second place Business Card Reader CRM Pro

Functionally, the application is identical to the Multi CRM application.
The main difference is that you can import data into multiple CRM systems at once. For example, if you have Bitrix24 in one department and Pipedrive in another, and you want the information to be exported to two CRMs at the same time, then Business Card Reader CRM Pro is just what you need.


Abbyy’s third place

The application allows you to sync cards across smartphones, tablets and computers via ABBYY’s cloud. It exports data to some CRM systems but also uses advertising in the app.


You have learned the TOP Business Card Scanner.
Make your own conclusions.

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