Capsule CRM is one of the CRM that quickly stores all the information you need. With Capsule, you can add notes, documents, agreements, suggestions, and other files, as well as add tasks to do for each contact.

Applications that cooperation with Capsule CRM

In order to be able to use many applications, such as Business Card Reader for Capsule CRM, all you need is a  CRM-system. The best solution its try these applications. 
Let’s look options Business Card Reader for Capsule CRM: 
  • the ability to recognize business cards from a saved photo; 
  • recognition of up to three languages ​​on one business card;
  • ability to edit before saving; 
  • adding text and voice notes; instantly save results with one touch (up to CRM).


And these are not all of the features available in CRM.
By using Capsule you also have the opportunity to save your time, because all the information you need to know about colleagues, partners, friends you can easily store in your database. You have to download the right application with the right CRM-system.


capsule crm
capsule crm
Also, you can use Call Tracker. It is exactly what you need if you want to store calls, track their duration, add your comments and voice notes, create rules for tracking. 





Feeling all the benefits of this system, you will understand what it means to live comfortably, in this case without additional business cards, notepads, notebooks and much more. All the information you need is in your CRM-system.

 If you do not want to be lost in today’s world, keep up with the innovations and choose the right programs to save your time. 
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