How to scan business cards into Google Sheets?

Reading business cards is the best solution for you.

Identify your business card and save your data to Google Sheets.
Today we’re talking about recognizing data and saving it to Google Sheets.
This is one of the most convenient methods for saving business cards.
You do not need CRM or other paid Cloud to save it conveniently. It’s easy to have a Google Account.
In modern life, everyone has met Google Tables. There are so many features in Google Sheets, they will never go away, you can access them from any device.

Google on the Internet is a free server!

You can collaborate with your partners at the same time. You do not need to send multiple documents several times.
The same change happens automatically.
You can also include links.

Create and release files, share this data with your colleagues using your smartphone, tablet. Even if you lose your Internet connection, you can still work with your

So how to keep business card recognition in Google Sheets.
Start the program at the beginning. Then we can get started!

Step One:

Download Business Card Reader Multi CRM


Step Two:

Oppen apps, after click Settings – Click Choose CRM, then select Google Sheets from the list.

The third step

(“Setting up Google Sheets”): For the next job, you’ll need to create a new URL (click the “Create Google Sheet” button) or paste the existing URL into the next box.
If you want to paste an existing URL, you’ll need to do the following:
open your Google Sheet
Click the Share button, link any person who has the link to edit;
Copy URL;
Paste the URL in the appropriate box.

Step four:

So, after the process of “Setting up a connection to Google Sheets”.
You need to click “Connect”

Try it out and enjoy our app!

Now you how to scan business cards into Google Sheets!!!



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