This CRM system is a worldwide contact management solution. With Freshsales СRM is used in many channels of the interaction of sales services, phone calls, e-mail, events, meetings, registration forms on websites, advertising links, chats, social networks.  In 2017, this CRM system won the Great User Experience Award. If I ever asked “Say in one sentence what functions Freshsales CRM has” I would answer – it has the features of all CRMs in one system at an affordable price.




Most of these features support many CRM systems, but they are still worth mentioning.


Email Tracking.
This feature is appreciated by many, and if your CRM does not have this feature, you better throw it in the trash.


You won’t believe it, but this CRM even has a Call Tracker counterpart. Of course, the functionality of this looks limited compared to our Call Tracker for Freshsales CRM, although of course, you decide.


And of course Analytics. This may be the main reason why this app included in our Top 15 CRM Systems of 2019. With Freshsales CRM analytics, it is very easy and convenient to make reports regardless of the real complexity of the report.
Advantages and applications for Freshsales CRM 
CRM helps sales because you can revise the information and do the analysis about contact, and devise how to sell your product. CRM quickly adapts to your business, designing the system based on your specific situation. Freshsales CRM is proposed, which is the first working step to work. The next step is this available application. I can offer you a Call Tracker, added to track videos and add notes to them. Freshsales  CRM Call Tracker is up-to-date. The modern world needs modern technologies and solutions. Today, technologies are working for people, they are opening up new data to all kinds of data. You will say that it is important. I will give you the answer that today everything is possible. You are left with the same applications and features that you need to do for your work and life. CRM is one of the systems that are available in workflows. All the necessary information will be saved and used for you. Having tried it once, you continue to work further, so this is a really easy life for business. If you have a large number of calls a day, your partners, collectors, friends, and all the questions, they should be easy to edit their files and add notes to text or voice companies MagneticOne Mobile Works has developed the Call Tracker and Business Card Reader For Freshsales CRM application.
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Business Card Reader for Freshsales CRM  
This application used to recognize business cards and save info into your CRM-system. The best way for cooperation with this application will be Act CRM. This innovative solution lets you create a huge set of additional data about your potential client, partner or colleague.


Call Tracker for Freshsales CRM 
If you have a lot of calls and want to quickly save and add notes, Call Tracker MagneticOne Mobile gives you more opportunities for your work.


An optional CRM supplement is also available to you before adding security information to more users.


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