Maintaining a customer base. 

    Maintaining a customer base is at the heart of the successful sales of many businesses. Maintaining relationships and reselling is much cheaper, easier, and more enjoyable than finding and attracting new customers. Money is usually brought by regular customers, but also by potential customers who have already interested in the product. Therefore, it becomes critical to the survival and prosperity of the business to manage the customer base accurately and meticulously from a marketing point of view, as well as its expansion.


Automate business processes.

     For a competent analysis of the database and fast work, you need to automate business processes. There are several modern ways to work with the database: Microsoft Excel, Access, Google Sheets, CRM systems. There are also several most effective methods for building a client base: PR activities in the public field, working with subscribers in social networks, phone calls, visiting and participating in various events and conferences where your product is presented. 


Business cards?

     Speaking of the last method, at such events you usually receive or exchange hundreds of business cards with people who are interested in becoming your customers. Contacts of such people should never be lost. In order not to spend a lot of time transferring everyone’s contact information to your database, there is a modern and convenient way to do it in a few minutes. 


Business Card Reader

     We’re talking about Business Card Reader for Google Sheets – mobile application, the quickest and safest solution to convey information from your paper business cards into Google Sheets. Take a photo of the business card and Business Card Scanner instantly import all card data directly into your spreadsheet. From the application, you can send a pre-made letter with your contact information to your client, like a digital business card. It is available for both Android and iOS, and the price will pleasantly surprise you.


     The usage frequency of Business Card Scanner to Excel is the same as for Google Sheets.


     A business classic, Excel doesn’t give up its positions. Tables, automatic calculations, a lot of formulas, and the absence of a paid subscription are the advantages of the good old Excel. But with the transition of many businesses online, the application Business Card Scanner to Excel is replaced by an older brother – Business Card Reader for Google Sheets. Therefore, take into account all your wishes and choose the system that suits you best.

Advantage over competitors

     By working on the client base, you get an edge over your competitors. The quality of service increases significantly since you have a personal relationship with each client: you not only know him by name, but also know his tastes, purchase history, date of birth. In practice, this is already your friend. Customers value loyalty, and therefore they come again and again, and also recommend you as their “own” store. All of this increases sales. You know your customers well, and they pay for attention with purchases.


     If you work with databases in CRM systems (for example, Salesforce), we recommend paying attention to Business Card Reader – Multi CRM which is designed especially to work with the most popular CRM systems.


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