Trends of Digital Marketing in 2018
From changing approaches in promoting brands in social networks to focusing on interactive content. From communication with the client with instant messengers to the automation of this process with the help of chatbots. We will talk about these and other digital marketing tools that will be most relevant in 2018 in more detail in this article.


Social networks


Social networks have become one of the most effective instruments in communication with the consumer. In addition, many small and medium-sized businesses are actively using it. However, in recent years, the limitations in the organic issuance of Facebook have neglected most SMM-specialist’s works. We need to be more qualitative and balanced in our approach to both the content on the pages of social networks and to its promotion.


Interactive Content


The attention of users in Facebook every year in the literal sense “becomes more expensive”. They are no longer amused just by a picture or text. Considering that by default, most users play video and gif-animation automatically, this content is becoming more and more popular. Trying to take something from YouTube, the Facebook network gives out a higher priority to the video. You can get almost inexpensive covers and views with the paid promotion. Given that video production is becoming cheaper, it can become a lifeline for small and medium-sized businesses.


Photo and video content in the 360 format become more and more popular and common, and gadgets that allow it to be created, are available for both the usual users and professionals. The ability to overview your product from all sides increases the interest of the target audience to it.


YouTube channels


This platform continues to hold the first place in terms of attendance and time spent by users there. According to the Ukrainian Factum Group research company, in December 2017, 74% of Ukrainian Internet users watched videos on this site. This provided it to get the second place in the TOP-25 sites most visited by Ukrainians. The first place is expected to remain with Google. No wonder, YouTube is called “search engine number 2”.


You can also use SEO to promote the video, because when you find the video on YouTube for certain key queries, Google shows it on the first page of search results. You can mark objects with links to the site by itself. It allows you to generate traffic to the resource where the product is sold. The most important thing is to choose a topic that could potentially interest users and be relevant to your business. Another important factor is to make a quality and interesting video for viewing, which should be optimized for search.


Opinion leaders


In the context of the forthcoming restrictions on organic issuance on Facebook, recently announced by Mark Zuckerberg, it becomes even more important to build proper relations with opinion leaders. Their similar restrictions will be less, that’s why you can cooperate with them to promote your goods or services.


On the one hand, opinion leaders are constantly “showered” with samples of various products and requests for the publication of reviews, on the other – they are always in search of interesting content for themselves. After all, it is thanks to them, they are existing. Therefore, brands can give them such content. Instead, they will write for free about your product or service. Or you can give them your product, but do it as naturally and kindly as possible.




With the arrival of the audience in instant messengers, the process of automating communication with them becomes increasingly important. In this case, chatbots help, because they can automatically process user requests, provide the necessary information and answers to the questions asked most often. In this case, there are quite a few services with which you can create your own simple bot for free and connect it to the messenger.


These trends in digital marketing are mostly not so new and innovative. They resonate with the trends of the past period. But at the same time, they are the most practical for the development of medium and small businesses. And with proper use, they can bring real benefits to your cause.


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