If you are a businessman, entrepreneur or influential person and you do not have time to find information on a regular business card. We can suggest you these apps:  Business Card Reader for Multi CRM, WorldCard Mobile, CamCard, ScanBizCards. V card – Digital Business Card, Business Cards Scanner, DigiCard, Digital Business Card Maker. MagneticOne MobileWorks successfully creates these programs. In the modern market, it is no longer relevant to distribute information through regular business cards. So, having an ordinary business card you can take advantage of it, but when there is a more convenient option, why not try? Today, we all live a fast pace of life, but there is one thing that is always with us and always ready to provide any kind of help. Yes, this is our smartphone(mobile phone). It is they who provide information, send documents, pay, call, exactly what the modern person needs.  In addition, Digital business cards do not pose any threat to the environment. And ordinary business cards are to some extent detrimental to our nature. You can forget, damage, lose everything but with a digital business card you can not worry about such things because all the business cards you need are on the phone, which is always with you.  At the moment installing such programs will make it easier for you to communicate with partners and open up new opportunities. If you talk about each application, of course, they have one main idea, creating virtual business cards and providing quick access to information, but each application has its own features, you choose the program that would be suitable for your lifestyle.

8 Top Digital Business Card Apps:


  • Bizz Card

    Creates stylish digital business cards, which are easy to make and send to new contacts by swiping the screen. Recipients have the possibility to save your contact details to their address book and see your social profiles. iOS 7, free, but you pay for templates.
  • Business Card Reader for Multi CRM

    This program has many features and is perfect for anyone. You can export your data one at a few CRM systems. Only in two clicks, you are ready to transfer the data from the calling card to your mobile phone and CRM system. This is personal information and company information. Of course, it is very useful in business life to save time for more important things. It is free for both iOS and Android, but you pay for expanded functionality.

  • WorldCard Mobile

    This application helps you look for information from Facebook, Twitter and more. But this program cant export data into a CRM system.
  • ScanBizCards

    Updates iPhone address book and Outlook contacts automatically after scanning the process of the cards. Links directly to LinkedIn and is one click away from sending a LinkedIn to invite to any scanned contact. iOS, Android, Windows. A free version, $1.29 paid version.
  • Business Cards Scanner

    The application creates an electronic business card based on the captured data and retrieves business information from the network.
  • DigiCard  

    In this program, you can share digital cards which you design on your phone or tablet. You can make calls, send messages or emails and take directions to addresses using cards you saved. DigiCard is integrated with Google Drive, so your data is never be lost.
  • V card – Digital Business Card

    This application where you can make a card to your liking by storing important cards in a private virtual card center, and you can also exchange business cards using a scanner in addition to conventional tools such as WhatsApp.
  • Digital Business Card Maker

    Business card maker is a brand strategy which creates a unique identity and differential that separates you from the competition. Here’s how to create a brand.


Our programs are modern and accessible for everyone to save time. High demand in the market is provided by the special function of our applications. It is enough for the user of our applications to take a picture of a business card (using a scanner on a mobile device) and to reproduce all the information on the phone. Our programs open many doors before you gives you many opportunities and advantages. If you want not to be lost in the new word, you must develop with modern applications. And we can help you!


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