The evolution of business cards is progressing daily.
Not eco-friendly and non-practical paper business cards are a thing of the past. The future of digital business cards. Even creating paper business cards will not save digitalization.

8 Top Digital Business Card Apps:


  • Business Card Maker Free

    A mobile application that helps you design business cards for your business. The application has more than 75 templates and 100 free logos. The application is easy to use and takes up to 10MB, which is an advantage among its competitors, such as Business Card Maker & Creator LIGHT CREATIVE LAB.

  • Business Card Scanner for Multi CRM

    Everyone knows that business cards should be a type of marketing communication. In today’s world, business cards are also a way to expand your customer base. With the introduction of CRM systems, the client base is divided into lead, contact, and account for someone CRM. In order to simplify the way of filling such a base, people use portable business card scanners, but they are not really easy to use. Therefore, the Business Card Scanner is ideally suited to generate leads to import into your CRM system.

  • Business Card Maker & Creator

    Mini business card development studio on your phone. The best way to design your business card. As we said, business cards are marketing, which means that your business card must attract attention. If there are many templates in Business Card Maker Free, then in this application you will be able to create your own unique business card design and attract the attention of even the coolest lead.

  • ZERO BrandCard™ 

    Digital Business Cards Only Here! Have you ever thought that business cards are harmful to the environment? To make business cards, cut down entire forests so you can share your business card and then just dump it in the trash. The app embodies the fight for ecology on this front. Be ecological – we have one planet.

  • V card – Digital Business Card

    It’s no secret that all digital business cards are stored in .vcard format – IP Media Pvt Ltd offers cardholder business cards in this format. You can now keep all your business cards in one place and use them as needed. It is a similar analog to this Business Card Scanner for Contact application where you can simultaneously scan and save contacts in your phone book.

  • WeCards – Digital Business Cards

    WeCard – презентує справжню революцію у сфері візиток. Додаток насичений надзвичайно великим функціоналом. Ви можете створювати, поширювати, змінювати та ще багато всього. Краще один раз побачити ніж 100 раз почути.

  • Business Card into Contact

    Agree that everyone had a situation where “Where the hell is this card, why didn’t I record this number?” If this is the case then, with this application, when you get a business card you can immediately scan the data in your phone book, then now all contacts are in a safe place.

  • Digital Business Card Maker

    Business card maker is a brand strategy that creates a unique identity and differential that separates you from the competition. Here’s how to create a brand.



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