Many of us face with the notion of CRM system every day but not everyone really understands and knows what is it about.  Among the software designed to automate business management, CRM-systems take a special place. I’m sure, everybody had, at least, 1 moments in their lives, when it wasn’t enough time to write down all the info from the business card into the sheet of paper or mobile phone, or just needed some useful apps, that could help to save time. CRM systems include not only these apps, but many other features you could discover during using. First of all, the very concept of CRM (Customers Relationship Management) is very common today. Secondly, no other programs cause so many questions and generated so many myths.


One of the myths is related to the fact that the CRM-system is designed to automate the work of sales departments. We will try to disprove this myth and show how CRM can be useful, in particular, for the financial and economic enterprises.


In the B2B (Business-to-Business) sector such things as punctuality of managers, timely calls, and dispatch of new information about goods, fast registration of a sales order, etc. may be very important. Here you can also include advertising and other promotional activities, which are necessary to attract customers. But all these things require money: every extra call, every letter, advertising. However, the question arises – how much all these activities are effective and whether they work to attract your client? You can make a renovation in a “social” store. From the human’s perspective, this is a noble step, but, from the point of business, it is not an instrument for attracting customers. As for the role of CRM-systems in improving the efficiency of the company, then there are several main aspects.


Economics of marketing. It is known, that in conditions of competitive markets, the costs of promoting goods constitute a large share of the company’s costs. But how much are these investments effective? The CRM-system helps to estimate and optimize the costs of marketing and promotion. CRM-system allows you to compare the costs of product promotion with increasing company profits and to find out how effectively the advertising has worked in relation to specific segments. Analytical capabilities of modern CRM-products allow you to determine which segments are influenced mostly by this advertising and the positions of which products became more interesting to these segments.


Staff efficiency. Firstly, the CRM-system provides automation of the sales manager: providing all information about customers, scheduling working hours and negotiating, monitoring transactions and projects, etc. Any automation makes the work of the employee more efficient, and the application of the CRM-program helps to increase the efficiency of managers. Secondly, CRM is a tool for monitoring and evaluating the performance of managers. Unlike accounting systems, CRM captures all the stages of working with the client, starting from the first call or the first meeting.


Optimization of assortment-price policy. Assortment and price management is one of the most important tools for achieving customer loyalty. In particular, by connecting to the accounting system (for example, 1C) CRM, you can analyze in detail the sales ratio and purchases. In this case, you can take into account steps of competitors, work of managers, and other factors that can not be done with a similar analysis within the accounting system.


It should also be noted that the CRM system is very useful in the daily life of a businessman, and at business meetings. There are such applications as Business Card Reader and Call Tracker for many CRM systems. HubSpot CRM is not the exception. Business Card Reader for HubSpot CRM can automatically transfer all the info from the business card into your CRM. Just snap a photo and all the data will immediately be in your CRM. It’s very helpful when you don’t have enough time to tape all the info manually(as we know, business people have lots of colleagues and potential clients), that’s why there are lots of business cards they are held every day. Business Card Reader for HubSpot CRM is the solution for everyone to save time and sanity for more important things.


In conclusion, it should be noted that the CRM-system allows the CFO to control business processes not only at the final stage, when there are cash flows but also in the preliminary stages of sales. Take all the benefits of your business – start using CRM!


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