inbound 2018

Glad to announce our special offer for Hubspot users! You get unlimited business card recognitions for INBOUND 2018 days. Scan business cards for free during the event!


You will definitely meet a lot of people during the conference and all you will need is a personal assistant to collect their business cards. So what can be better than a mobile app that is able to do this in seconds?


Meet the Business Card Reader for HubSpot CRM. It’s the easiest and quickest solution to transfer your business card info to the HubSpot CRM.


With the help of this application you will be able to:


  • recognize business cards on the go while INBOUND 2018;
  • recognize multilingual business cards (maximum 3 languages from one card!);
  • automatically add country phone code when the code is missing in business card phone number;
  • preview results and make necessary changes before saving;
  • add text and voice notes for each business card;
  • instantly save results by one touch (to CRM, phone contacts or Gmail contacts);


The special offer you are here for is the Corporate Key for unlimited recognitions. So, all you need to do is to enter this key in the corresponding field in the app by going to Preferences => Your Balance => Corporate => Corporate Key => INBOUND2018


But before you need to install the app!



Here is the Android version

And here is the iOS version.


This is all for you – our most precious user! Hope you will have the productive days in Boston on INBOUND 2018 and will greatly enrich your Hubspot CRM database!


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