Through the eras and centuries our lives have changed completely. We live now in a period where without IT technologies life is not possible anymore.

Even in business without using technologies you would not gain any success.

How is it possible to get more connections? How to make your business grow and help you to develop new branches and get new partners all over the world?

The easiest cure is to use simple and useful phone applications that are №1 helpers nowadays.

Today we would like to introduce you one of our useful products such as Business Card Reader for Hubspot CRM.

With Business Carde Reader for Hubspot CRM you will be able to:


  • enrich your contact data;hubspot

  • leave a written or voice comment about cardholder;

  • store business card picture  both in your CRM and phone;

  • save information of multilingual business partners (the program recognizes more than 25 languages);

  • use it in 5 different languages (English, German, French, Ukrainian and Russian).


If you want to get more visual look then please check our video guide.

To try our application you can check in our website or download it from Google Play.

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