Why do you need CRM if you have Excel

Small business representatives often think that without CRM it’s easy to do any work tasks. This thought has come, therefore entrepreneurs are not familiar with the capabilities of CRM programs. Let’s immediately explain which problems solve the CRM:

The first advantage of CRM system, Lack of visual analytics and reports.

CRM displays report in the form of graphs and charts that help online to track the number of transactions and their distribution in the sales funnel. Also, it helps in counting the number of new customers, their sources, sales stages in which most leads are eliminated.

The complexity of control over employees.

Even in a small company, it is difficult to keep track of employees. Whether they completed all the orders, met the deadlines, did they not forget to call customers back and process applications. CRM records all tasks reminds you of deadlines records phone calls and notifies you of overdue cases.

The complexity of the transfer of cases.

If the manager goes on vacation or quits, the question arises – how to transfer his clients and transactions to another employee? CRM automatically reassigns the person in charge and sets tasks for each client at each stage of the sale. A new employee is instantly up to date.

Chaotic accounting data.

When customer contacts and new applications are written on stickers, it is difficult to find out the history and quickly process the request. CRM in convenient cards stores the entire history of work with the client. Their contacts, purchases, call records, letters, invoices and payments.

Errors due to the human factor.

One employee forgot to process the request; another did not send the price in time. The third did not call the customer back. The fourth could not handle the objections – as a result, four customers were lost. CRM automates business processes, captures applications from the mail, from the website and social networks. It immediately sets tasks for them, gives scripts and reminds of deadlines.

Although small businesses are wary of additional costs – the cost of CRM pays off with interest. According to a study by one of the world’s largest software makers, IBM, the introduction of CRM leads to a severe increase in critical indicators.



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