Business Card Reader for Highrise CRM
Don’t you know how use the Business Card Reader for Highrise CRM properly? It’s very easy and comfortable in use. It’s especially useful for business people, who don’t want to waste time on tapping all the info from business cards manually. Read this brief guide and persuade is one of the most useful apps ever. BCR for Highrise CRM is a mobile app that allows you to transfer data from business cards into your CRM just in two taps. The process of transferring is very easy and takes a few minutes.
  1. Just capture a photo of a business card;
  2. App recognizes it automatically;
  3. Get more data about person or company
  4. A new contact is automatically stored in your CRM account.
This service is very useful for every businessman to keep everything under the control and all information in one place! Try free demo version of Business Card Reader for Highrise CRM now and you’ll be satisfied how it works.  

In many companies, the situation is that each department may have its own CRM system. Our team has developed an application that supports more than 12 CRM systems in one application. Now you do not need to download a separate application for each CRM, it’s enough to download only one application. Click here for download.


In addition to all the above, the use of such applications extends the “life” of one business card, which reduces deforestation. Take care of the environment, it will save you!

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