Business Card Readers for IOS
 Awesome news for all users of Business Card Reader for IOS. One more feature is already added to all the Business Cards Readers for iOS! This is an enrichment feature. Now, tapping the “Get more” button you get an opportunity to obtain more information about a person, whose business card you have just scanned.

Just press the button “Get more” and, if it’s permitted, you’ll see the info about the person and the company;

whether the person uses some social networks and where the company is situated. One more thing to do to get it in your CRM is to tick everything you what to be added. Selected information will be automatically added to CRM “Description” field after saving the recognized from the business card data.

Great, isn’t it?


All you have to do now is to update the app and your next bunch of business cards will become even more useful for you! Still not using our CRM apps? Download and enjoy =>

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