Modern CRM systems

“A business absolutely devoted to Customer Service Excellence will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.”
-Sir Henry Ford

Customer relationship management systems have become the most-used tool among small businesses as well as large businesses. Some of them cannot even imagine their business life without a CRM. So, why have they become so popular?

CRM systems have given businessmen and salespeople the opportunity to stop using tools such as spreadsheets that may look like fully functional but fall short when you start applying them. The peculiar characteristic of CRMs is about total replacement of manual processes. They create business efficiency in the way of reducing inefficient activities and as a result it’s user gets fully automated working process that is easily maintained by the employees.

Since the data became the most valuable asset, CRM software developers have built up the effective strategies of data analyzing and visualization. There are four main strategies aimed at marketing, sales, data analytics, service and support.

Marketing campaigns are best represented by Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Agile, bpm’online and other CRMs. They let you know how the content is working for you and what you need to establish better customer engagement.

Sales automation may be considered as an integral component of any CRM, but some of them are aimed at sales management more than others. These include Salesforce, bpm’online, Zoho, Pipedrive, SugarCRM.

CRM for data analytics is used for analyzing customers information and presenting it for better business decisions to be made. It turns collected data into beneficial source of prospects. Hubspot, Vtiger, Infusionsoft, Salesforce CRMs provide customer with the opportunity to draw insights into the level of your business processes’ success.

Customer service and support is a really valuable part of a CRM as the employees are able to contact the customers and assist them in the most productive way. You have to take into account this strategy because your business will be nothing without satisfied clients.

As you may have already noticed some CRMs have few strategies implemented, some of them have only one but there is no such where all of them are completely realized.

The advantages of using customer management are huge but there are still plenty of disadvantages. The hardest one to deal with is the process of automatization of previously manual activities namely the transition from hand-operated to automatic ones. Therefore, a variety of helpful tools was developed. Those include Business Card Reader and Call Tracker that send data from outer sources directly to CRM. They allow you to send information from business cards, calls to your CRM just using your phone.

They and other CRM tools complement any CRM in the way you choose!

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