Call Tracker for Hubspot CRM for 1 man shop owner!

Brief Description: Being out of the office, a user gets incoming or makes outgoing calls, saves them to Hubspot CRM and adds quick notes.

Actors: John – 1 man shop owner

Preconditions: John has got an API key from his Hubspot account and signed in to Call Tracker for Hubspot CRM, configured it to always ask how to save calls into CRM.

Basic Flow:

  1. John gets incoming call, answers it and listens to the caller, receives important information considering the amount and price of items he ordered. They have some misunderstanding but at the end of the call they make a deal and the call ends.
  2. After the call ends John sees a pop-up asking him to save this contact or not.
  3. John chooses ‘Yes’ and the app automatically opens ‘Add Call Log’ window.
  4. John doesn’t have this Contact neither in his CRM, nor in his phone contacts so he clicks ‘plus’ button and the app shows ‘Create New Contact’ window. He fills in all the fields saving the contact as David Graham from company and adds the description: the service provider and puts a tick near ‘Save contact to phone’ and creates the contact.
  5. John adds a voice note mentioning prices and order amount.
  6. John needs to send David a letter and to call him the next day, so he adds this information as new planned activities. While adding them he sets due date, status, reminder and add notes.
  7. Having the activities created he press ‘Create’ in ‘Add Call Log’ window and has all that information sent to his Hubspot CRM account.


  • The call log is sent to Hubspot CRM.
  • The user can find the link to voice recording and voice note in ‘Description” field.
  • The user simply has access to the information saved in his Hubspot going to ‘Contacts’.

This use case shows how a user who originally owns a shop and works by him or herself can save the call logs, record calls, add voice and text notes, add activities for future to Hubspot CRM and assist clients in a better way when s/he is out of the office.

All of these are performed using Call Tracker for Hubspot CRM.

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