How to make your sales recipe work

Mostly all of us have tried to cook with the help of cookbooks, Youtube videos or specialized websites. We tried to follow the recipe strictly to mix ingredients all together and to get the result that we see on the picture or the one we expected it to be. Mostly if you try to do it for the first time you don’t get what you want and usually this result can disappoint you and you don’t want to continue practicing.


The same thing goes with sales. There is a basic algorithm you try to follow and think that you do everything right, but still, you don’t get the result which you were expecting. ales is an art as well as cooking is. You need to love the things you do and don’t cry over spilled milk, but continue practicing and mastering your techniques. This will help to show others that you are well competent in what you do and they will love to work with you as they will be able to see your professionalism.


Following the basic recipe structure and practicing is a great thing, but what about the secret ingredient? As you know in different Eastern cuisines chefs always put some special spices like ginger, cinnamon, gochugaru, curry etc., with which every dish gets a special fragrance and taste. The same thing goes with sales. Every salesperson needs to have an ace in a hole, which can be used anytime when it is needed. This thing can be anything that can help you to act fast and don’t waste much time for realization.


For example, you meet a new person on a business meeting or trade fair then you see that this can be a great chance to get a new paying customer or a business partner. You exchange business cards, put it in your pocket and in a few days you return to the office getting plenty of new tasks and forget about this person. The contact is lost and you get the info that your competitor got the deal. In this case, we would like to share a secret tool that you can add to your “recipe book” and use in this cases.


Follow the recipe below:


  1. Go to Google Play or AppStore on your phone;

  2. Choose a Business Card Reader Application (Android/iOS);

  3. Download it on your phone;

  4. Authorize the application;

  5. Integrate it with a chosen CRM;

  6. Snap a picture of a business card;

  7. Preview the results and save them into CRM.


With this special ingredient, you will be able to draw more Contacts or Leads to your sales bowl and not to spend much time for it.


So, don’t stop experimenting and continue your sales practice using our secret ingredient.

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