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I very often attend rallies of YouTube parties, where bloggers, videographers and video editors usually gather. These are really cool people in many of them very cool videos. It is an honor for every blogger to have such cool helpers. But there was a real problem in saving their contact information, you will not go with a notebook and write down all their data in a notebook. So I was rescued by Business Card Scanner Multi CRM. By the way I don’t have a CRM system, I use a scanner for Google Sheets and it’s also very convenient. So I managed to gather a database of videographers, video editors and marketers.

YouTuber need marketers?

Of course, YouTuber needs even need marketers. We usually use all social networks, not only YouTube, but also Twitter and probably most of all Instagram. However, lately with Instagram everything is much more difficult, for example, to just make a link to your YouTube profile you need to use deep links services.


What is a deep link?


If I were asked what it was, I would answer in one sentence: Deep link – the link that opens youtube instagram with an app. There are at least two, but I use e-deeplink.com


The most important thing for YouTuber is the content and love of its readers, but all this would not be possible without Business Card Reader for Multi CRM
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