Business Card Reader for PipelineDeals CRM
You are too busy to make notes and tap all the data from business cards manually, aren’t you? There is a great solution, which can do that instead of you and automatically. Especially for such busy business people we’ve created our Business Card Reader for PipelineDeals CRM! All you need is to have PipelineDeals CRM account. If you’re the user of PipelineDeals CRM, you have lots of opportunities. Here are few benefits you’ll get during using our app:


– recognize business cards from card images saved earlier;


– recognize multilingual business cards (maximum 3 languages from one card!);


– automatically add country phone code when the code is missing in business card phone number;


– preview results and make necessary changes before saving;


– add text and voice notes for each business card;


– navigate to contact address on the map;


– instantly save results by one touch (to CRM, phone contacts or Gmail contacts);


    Business Card Reader for PipelineDeals CRM perfectly approaches every business person. So, if you are on a business meeting and don’t have time and possibility to write down all the information about your colleagues, try this solution and you won’t have any problems with your business colleagues.


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