Did you know that the CRM system does not let customers get lost at any stage? It helps keep clients from the first contact to the re-sale. Any manager is immune from mistakes, lost contacts, and forgotten cases. Therefore, you need to build a special customer-saving system for effective work. It will accompany managers at each stage of sales and will not let them miss any customers.

Tip 1. Any customer request must be registered in the CRM system

First of all, you need to connect all the channels to CRM through which clients can contact you. That is telephony, e-mail, social networks, instant messengers, CRM forms, online chats.

After connection, any customer request immediately gets into CRM. All calls, letters will be automatically fixed in the system and sent to managers for processing. As a result, managers save time, because they do not need to enter anything manually. The company does not risk losing customers because the employee simply forgot to write down the number or call back.

Thanks to automation, the client base is growing rapidly, because in the CRM system absolutely all applications.

Tip 2. Use «robots» for routine tasks

If you do not want to take time from managers, you can entrust routine tasks to robots and triggers in CRM. Triggers respond to customer actions, such as visiting a site, ringing, filling in a CRM form automatically.

Robots, in turn, carry out the planned actions: send letters to clients, put tasks to managers, plan meetings and even launch advertising in social networks and search engines. Of course, CRM and robots do not teach your managers how to sell well, but will help them in the process: prompt, remind and control.

Tip 3. Work with the client base: encourage repeat sales

It is important not only to work with current clients but also to regularly process the already accumulated base.

If you want to work with a large and diverse base of customers. You need to sort them by category. This is what CRM marketing does — it sorts all customers to segments with which you will work separately.

Then, you define automatic actions for all your segments. For example, customers who bought a product last week can send a survey to find out their impressions of the purchase. For last month’s buyers — SMS-newsletters with new offers and discounts.

Tip 4. Analyze sales

Without analyzing sales, you will not understand which of them the managers cannot cope with. Moreover, you do not know how many customers are leaving you and how to increase sales.

Usually, In the reports of your CRM, there is a graph of the sales funnels for any period. Also, there could be a number of accounts for transactions, the number of transactions in the work.

With the help of analytics, you can understand how the sales department works, identify errors and weaknesses and improve the situation.

In conclusion, even the best managers will not raise your sales if they have to fill customer names in a table or record ASAP tasks on stickers. The CRM system will not replace heaven-bor salesmen but will make the work of your employees much easier and more efficient.

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