Businessmen-beginners often try to attract as many customers as possible to increase profits. This is due to a number of issues including high marketing costs and poor quality of service. But the most important issue of the extensive development model can be considered its limited possibilities. For example, development sooner or later rests on the ceiling of a lack of resources and market saturation. From this article, you will learn how to increase revenue by working with an existing audience.  To achieve the goal, you need to solve two issues. Firstly, you should interact with existing customers more actively, increase their involvement and loyalty. Secondly, you need to provide existing customers the maximum possible benefit of interacting with your business. The methods used to solve these issues are described below.

1. Allow the audience to make important decisions related to the product

Prior to the advent of the Internet, marketers spent a lot of time and money studying the needs of the audience. Thanks to the internet you can delegate research to clients. Ask customers to tell about their vision of the product, attitude to price, design, service directly.
Use the following tips and tools:
  • Conduct a remote focus group using Google+ Hangouts.
  • Use social networks and mobile app sharing.
  • Organize an open discussion in social networks or an industry forum.
  • Invite volunteers to test your product for free, share experience and suggest ways to improve.

2. Build long-term relationships with the client

The client to whom you sold the unnecessary options, will not return to you most likely. Therefore, you will have to spend money on finding and attracting new customers. You can save money and efforts by building long-term relationships with customers. Try to provide the consumer with the maximum value at the best price. The optimum is somewhere between the minimum price the client is looking for and the price that is necessary to generate profits.
The following recommendations will help you in following:
  • Provide customers with access to a free support service. Do not be modest, take the example of Amazon support. These guys have no equal in the ability to please the client from a distance.
  • Provide the client with some of the product features for free. For example, conduct free site audits, offer each car buyer a subscription to car wash services, think about selling the product on a freemium model.

3.Satisfy the information needs of customers

Your consumers need information at every stage of the shopping trip. You create conditions for increasing profits when satisfying information needs, even if you do not sell the product immediately. Providing the client with quality expert information, you are moving away from price competition.

Try the following methods and tools:

  • Lead a corporate blog. Publish useful for customers information related to your industry there.
  • Start sending emails to customers with useful information.
  • Create themed communities in popular social networks among your customers.
  • Create the channel on YouTube.
  • Conduct regular educational webinars or video calls with customers.
Informing the audience, you keep existing customers and at the same time use one of the cheapest methods of attracting new customers. Attracting new customers is expensive: you have to overcome the advertising deafness of the consumer, fight with competitors, prove to new customers that you are a reliable partner. It is cheaper, faster and more profitable to meet the needs of existing customers. By the way, many methods of working with the existing audience attract the attention of potential new customers naturally. Use it. At any business meetings, you will exchange business cards, business information. Losing important business cards leads to loss of information, and sometimes loss of business deals. These events have a significant effect on your business. To prevent this situation in your life, use Business Card Reader. This application scans information on a business card easily and sends it directly to your CRM system. No more lost contacts!




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