Did you think about tools that can improve your life, increase your income and bring your business to a new level? We suggest you do this right now. Automation is always good and even better if it’s configured by you. Using the CRM system for your business you can automate part of your work easily. Let’s discuss how this system simplifies the life of an ordinary forwarder. By “freight forwarder” we mean a freight forwarding company that provides complex services in the field of cargo transportation. This process consists of two ways: from order acceptance to unloading at the destination. CRM is the program or service that helps automate the work of the company, plan tasks and establish convenient and effective interactions both within the company and with counterparties. CRM systems are radically different in all characteristics. To implement them, you need to change the work processes and conduct training for employees. In addition to the accounting functions, which are relatively universal and simple, such programs and services offer users tools for realizing the effectiveness of employees. They also optimize the load distribution and establish effective interaction both with the company and with clients and partners. 

What should CRM do for a forwarder?

  1. Smart tools for work

For example, CRM system for forwarder allows you to calculate the profit from transportation or determine how expensive any operation is. This not only helps to lead the work but brings it to a new level.
  1. Maintenance of databases

 Contacts of customers and carriers are the main resource for the transport company. A single directory of all counterparties simplifies the search for the desired contact and ensures the safety of data. The full history of interactions allows you to keep track of all bets, contracts and offers at any time.
  1. Electronic document management and automated document creation

A truly electronic workflow is when the logistician does not need to leave the program to perform any operation with the document. For example – send for approval or for signature to the customer or carrier. All documents must be created and stored electronically, attached to each application. So that you can find the necessary document in case of reconciliation and reporting. CRM system for forwarder is an ideal thing!
  1. Online access in CRM for forwarder

The program should be “cloudy” and not tied to a specific computer. It allows you to work and monitor transportation in any place where the Internet is available, even at home or on vacation. Cloud storage of information is also much safer, as the information is stored in an encrypted form and is repeatedly duplicated. Then, the risk of its loss or theft is minimal. 
  1. Convenient service and support 

Logging in and learning how to work in programs should be quick and easy. The employees can use its basic functions on the first day of training. The CRM for forwarder should be regularly updated, be able to be customized and have daily technical support. The choice of software for the transport company is a serious and responsible step that will affect the company’s development for years to come. It is necessary to choose a CRM system that will meet all the requirements and will be simple. It must be convenient and enjoyable in the work truly as well. Also, you need to find an additional mobile solution. For example, to scan business cards and send them quickly to the CRM system, Business Card Reader Hubspot is best suited. Spend 1 minute to scan and send all the data about a partner or client directly to your CRM. Save time with this perfect application, because time is money!


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