Have you ever thought that sales can be made with emotions? For example, “tears” in sales is a term that is used to encourage a customer to make a purchase. It is handy because it is base on the deep psychological characteristics of people. Tears in sales represent a universal scheme that works well when offering a large number of products.

Sales mean the company’s profits and the earnings of each employee. Accordingly, sales should grow and bring more benefits. For this purpose, marketing techniques and schemes are based on human psychology. The effect of “tears” is based on the fact that a person perceives disturbing information more emotionally than a pleasant one. Bad events or unpleasant information is remembered better because a person has experienced it, and still think about it. The “lacrimal concept” consists of several elements. This is a consistent process to convince a customer to make a purchase:

1) It is necessary to identify the issue and designate it quite clearly. So that the client could feel its scale and get scared.

2) Then the initial feeling needs to strengthen. If you recall this bad memory for that person again, then he/she will think about it again and again, because the problem has not solved yet. As a result, the potential buyer experience fears and anxiety, because the problem concerns him. At this stage, he is subconsciously ready to find a solution to solve the problem;

3) The next step when the manager offers a turnkey solution that can solve the problem has happened. Since a person does not have time to think, and he has already perceived the problem as his own, he agrees that the proposed product will solve the issue;

4) The final stage is the direct sale of a product or service. Such a scheme is using in direct sales or the sale of goods via the Internet. The main advertising course will be a bright and convincing designation of the problem. It can be a poster, a drawing, a short but concise phrase.
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