Executive Assistant scan cards for the Boss

Everyday we exchange contacts over the phone, social media, e-mail, messengers, etc. These ways are convenient, but not too fast. In modern business communication, we get used to exchange business contacts with each other on different occasions, such as business meetings, conferences, summits etc. All of this results in a bunch of business cards surrounding you everywhere and turning your working place into a great mess.

How is it possible to get rid of those paper mountains and turn all the collected prospects into real clients?

The answer is simple – Business Card Reader for Salesforce CRM.

This awesome solution will become your №1 must have and will help you to tame all that cards clutter.

The Business Card Reader can:

  • recognize multilingual business cards;

  • add country phone code automatically when it is missing;

  • take pictures of the business cards or recognize stored ones in the phone “Gallery”;

  • keep your contacts secure and in one place;

  • save the location of a business card recognition process;

  • navigate to contact address on the map.

All you need to do is:

  • To take a picture of a business card;

  • Preview the info and make all the necessary changes;

  • Text a note or record one if needed;

  • Save the information to your phone contacts, Gmail contacts or send it directly to the CRM.

Only our application has the unique feature: YOU can get more extended info about the person that is not included in the business card with the help of daaata.io database.

The application is safe for use as it supports Two-Factor Authentication and doesn’t violate any laws.


So how good is that? Don’t wait, simply try this awesome solution.

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