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Do you think that robbery is a good idea to start a business? In some cases it definitely is! My success story is the one that proves it.


My story began half a year ago. I was attending Customer Strategy & Planning 2017 Conference and really enjoyed participating in it. Describing myself in that period of time, I was inspired but at the same time naive, self-confident but ignorant. I had a lot of plans and expectations in my mind. When I had got a chance to take part in that conference I was very delighted as it could become an opportunity of a lifetime.


Everything went like clockwork, I met a lot of new people who might turn into my partners and customers. The only thing I had to do was to establish a contact with them. We spent a great day together, discussed plenty important topics and all of these finished with a batch of business cards in my suitcase. Coming back home I was very satisfied as my expectations had come true. Eventually, my day ended up with a delicious dinner with my family.


Nothing could mean trouble when I got up next morning. I went to office to start my business day. The first thing that I decided to do was to enter all the data from the business cards I had collected into my CRM system. I opened my suitcase and saw nothing: no money, no mobile phone and no business cards. Yes, I was robbed. That was the first time when I was feeling myself so disappointed and at the same time extremely angry. All my plans, all my expectations, all my opportunities went away at a moment.


I had got a stress and it took few weeks to recover from that situation.


Days and weeks were passing by but that incident couldn’t get away from my head and I started looking for a solution which could prevent me from such situations when my business is on the verge of not being improved. Eventually, I found an application that can save data from business cards into a CRM system just in few steps. I took it for the next conference. Next morning I got up and all the people I met the day before were in my CRM database. It was the happiest moment of my business life!


Now I use Business Card Reader every conference and tradeshow. It has become my key to success!
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