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The beginning of 2017 came up with screaming headlines: 6 Big CRM Trends To Watch For In 2017, CRM Trends: What to Look for in 2017,  10 CRM Trends to Watch in 2017, Top Trends For CRM In 2017, 5 Important CRM Trends for 2017. Briefly speaking, CRM Trends have become extremely relevant topic. However, if they were really so true and accurate each of us would have already been rich as Croesus.


So, what went wrong and why our predictions were not so truthful as they seemed to be at first sight? Let’s take a closer look.


Artificial Intelligence.

Salesforce has implemented AI for their CRM system and named it Salesforce Einstein. They state that it learns from all data to deliver predictions and recommendations based on your unique business processes. It is definitely useful as it improves the workflow in many ways: learns from your use to make recommendations specially for your company; helps you to perform communication with your customer; suggests you an effective content for your marketing campaigns.


Result: The main goal is reached – it makes the customers happier.


Mobile CRM

Mobile phone is the most used device among all people. Businessmen are not the exclusion especially those who spend most of working time out of the office. They use their gadgets to the fullest extent. Mobile CRM is a smart solution for such ones. You can manage the customer relationships on the go. Nowadays a lot of CRMs have mobile version that is quite convenient way to provide users with unrestricted access to data. As it was stated by Insightly ‘From mobile first to mobile only’. Worth thinking of, isn’t it?


Result: instant access to information within your CRM from wherever.


Social CRM

Social CRMs have become a powerful tool for businesses that actively use social networks. They can be used to support customers via social media networks in real time, so clients get the best assistance and simply track social interaction with them. You start dealing with relationships and discussions instead of exceeding amount of data that lets you maintain two-sided communication process.


Result: strongly built relationships with customers.



Extremely helpful technique that boost employee engagement and motivate them. It includes such game elements as points, achievements and missions. The interaction of your workers may become the most valuable asset for your business as satisfied employee will easily make your customers the happiest!


Result: your team will be transformed to super effective and productive squad.


Tighter integration with external tools

Any CRM system was not made perfect. That is why there are plenty of developers and companies who try hard to improve the usage of CRM. This has made a considerable impact on user as it brings mobile and web based solutions to be integrated with a CRM. A key point to enhanced productivity and a progressive business strategy – that is how CRM integration was defined. External tools are mostly represented by business apps which boost the user productivity in the most effective way.


Result: enriched database and extra features for CRM users that supports labor efficiency.

Final Word

At the age of rapid customer relationship management development staying at the top of the mountain is becoming more and more complicated. Specialists make predictions, define trends and evaluate the usefulness of that trends. Nevertheless, everything is individual. You have to choose your own trend, strategy and ways of dealing with customers and you will always be holding all the aces!
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