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As you may have already noticed MagneticOne Mobile develops CRM-related business application so let us take you on a brief tour and tell more about them!


Business Card Reader is an application that was developed for businesspeople whose work is closely connected to acquaintances, relationships and communication. These are salespeople, business consultants and representatives, entrepreneurs, CEOs and other. It provides them with the opportunity to scan business cards of recently met people and to forget about that paper mess. The main features include: precise conversion of business card data, 25 languages supportance, ability to preview and make necessary changes + 1 secret feature. Business Card Reader shows well thought out integration to multiple CRMs that is the main benefit of this product!


Call Tracker is a mobile application that is intended to become main tool for saving calls directly to CRM. The development team has performed a great job to make this product really useful for a businessman who spends most of working time out of the office. A man can save the call right after it ends, schedule a call, task, event and even save the unknown number as Account, Company, Contact or Lead. Also, it is possible to create general rules as well as personal + 1 secret feature. Call Tracker is an application developed to make the life of a CRM user easier and more productive!


We are glad to inform our precious customers that the developers team is currently working on a plenty of new features and upcoming projects that will be really helpful for entrepreneurs and people whose work is closely related to business deals. Stay with us and be the first to get updates!
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