Any kind of business today is customer-oriented. The issues of partnership, the sale of goods and services, expansion of contacts are solving in different ways. Business cards are the simplest and most effective way. Such a function as an urgent high-quality print to date has not lost its popularity. This is even though many beginning entrepreneurs are confident that the era. The era of smartphones and the Internet does not provide for the presence of business cards making this product unclaimed.

This statement is a strong misconception.

China best demonstrates the relevance of business cards as a means to advertise services and establish business contacts. It is an economically powerful country. It is leading in many spheres of business and production. Entrepreneurs who go to China advise taking a lot of business cards with them. Since it is customary to distribute them with any contacts related to business.

The long history of this attribute speaks about the importance of business cards.

The tradition of using business cards comes from China since ancient times. Back in the III century BC. E local lords, officials used thin bamboo plates. These prototypes of the present business cards were painted with red paint and carried information about the names, surnames, positions held by their owners.

Business cards acquired their current appearance in the 17th century in Europe.

When representatives of high society began to use special cards when visiting private houses, clubs, etc. The production of the attribute was not cheap. Real work of art was created, on which, besides titles and names, it was customary to print images of family coats of arms.

Currently, there are three types of business cards: personal, corporate and registered. The personal one contains information about its owner personally, his name, surname, position, kind of job. The corporate one is intended for the presentation of the company, its services, goods. In this case, the personal data of the person using the business card is not printing. But it is easy to do this on the reverse side during a meeting. Business cards can use by agents, sellers, piece-workers and company managers, for whom every new contact is essential, but direct coordinates are not always desirable.

Registered — business cards bear only personal data: the name of their owner. Usually, they are using by people in certain professions, for example, lawyers, actors, journalists. For an entrepreneur, this form of the business card can also be convenient if it is engaged in several areas of business. If an entrepreneur has spent less on business cards, which are quite inexpensive today, even the highest quality samples, he risks stopping on his way to achieving financial success. Competitive struggle requires not only the presence of business cards as such, namely the one manufactured professionally. These are what you can include in this concept. The business card made of quality material. It carries comprehensive information about its “owner”, the form of data submission is memorable.

Some people think a business card is just a small piece of paper.

However, at the same time, this “piece” has an essential function in the reputation of its owner. And it’s not necessary to be the director of the corporation to have your business cards. They are equally essential for the dentists, lawyers, photographers, psychologists, marketers, musicians, and representatives of other professions.

The main highlight of the business card is that it is a kind of presentation accessory that allows you to remember you to your customers. After all, countless phone numbers in the backpacks of our smartphones are often forgotten, and the provided business cards are staying in the “wallet department”.and I will add 15 additional credits to your account for the test.

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