The mobile applications are becoming a powerful marketing tool that allows you to solve various tasks, which are convenient for business

It helps:

  • attracting customers;
  • increase in sales;
  • creating a positive image of the company;
  • optimization of communication processes with customers and partners as well;

Such apps can act both as a primary and an additional channel of communication with the target audience.

1) Synced Calendar

The day of the businessman is counting by the hour. It is essential to have enough time for meetings and also for fulfilling tasks. The Android Business Calendar application aims at business people. The resource has several advantages over the Google calendar:

  • widgets on the main screen that display individual items
  • a brief overview of the day
  • syncing with Google account

2) Electronic signature

The Sign easy app signs your documents with your smartphone. All you need is to download the document and attach the signature inside the interface. The signature can be put using a stylus or a finger. In advance, you can scan and load into the application.

Among the additional functionality :

  • The possibility to insert a seal and a company logo into the document
  • The application supports many formats — PDF, Word, HTML

3) Business Card Reader

Business Card Reader for Bitrix24 CRM is a mobile app that allows you to enter data from business cards into your CRM just in two taps. Take a photo of the business card and all the information will be directly imported into CRM. Moreover, this innovative solution lets you create a massive set of additional data about your potential client, partner or colleague.

So, just two taps and you instantly get the following:

  • Personal info: interests, skills, social media contacts, photos.
  • Company info: size, industry, branch network, recent activity.

4) Business news

Business news is an integral part of business development and mobile applications. You need to be aware of trends, news of competitors and also new products that appeared in your field. However, it’s easy to get lost in an endless stream of news. Zite extracts information, which is important in business life.

Even more, the application provides articles and news that meet your interests. You can customize the filters.

5) Write down your thoughts

Paper notebooks are the passion of all businessmen. It’s no need to keep thoughts and tasks in your head if you can fix them on paper. Nowadays, technology offers us new ways, and many people already love Evernote. Multifunctional design and various functions will help you do business:

  • preservation of information from the Internet
  • recording tasks and ideas
  • possibility to translate records into PDF
  • password protection from other people’s eyes
  • The quick search among records
  • To-do-lists

Therefore, start using Android applications and you will notice immediately how organized the working day, communication and daily tasks are.

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