We have an excellent news for OnePageCRM users! You’ll be pleasantly surprised, when you get to know, that Business Card Reader for OnePageCRM is successfully uploaded on App Store. Now all of Apple device owners have a possibility to scan business cards and store them into their CRM system!


You will have the possibilities to:


– recognize business cards from card images saved earlier;


– preview results and make necessary changes before saving;


– enrich data with ‘Get more’ feature;


– add text and voice notes for each business card;


– recognize multilingual business cards (maximum 3 languages from one card!);


– automatically add country phone code when the code is missing in business card phone number;


– navigate to contact address on the map;


– instantly save results by one touch (to CRM, phone contacts or Gmail contacts);


Business Card Reader for OnePageCRM is a good solution for all types of business events! So, if you don’t have enough time to research and save information about your partners and potential customers, try Business Card Reader for OnePageCRM and it will save your time to do your business!


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