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Of course, it’s great to find new wonderful friends and business partners, who are able to support you in your endeavors and inspire to new achievements. But it’s equally important – and much easier – to identify among your close people those who hinder your progress. Identify them and keep at a distance from them. We have identified 9 types of people with whom you shouldn’ reduce a close acquaintance and build a collective business.


  1. “Devil’s Advocates”
These are people who defend only their ego. They operate with the concepts of “real prospects” and “voice of reason”. But their “perspectives” turn out to be the most miserable bragging. And the “voice of reason” is the grumbling of the unsatisfied ego of a man who tried and failed. Therefore they are sure that once he could not, then no one ever could.


Try to keep people, who ask smart questions, share experiences of their achievements and help you look at the tasks from a different point of view closer. Avoid people who are always ready to predict you a lot of problems, based only on their own sad experience.


  1. Ardent fans
At the other end of the spectrum, there are people who are sure that any of your ideas and actions are worthy of silent admiration. Unreasonable praise is pleasant but extremely rare – useful. None of us is so clever and talented, as biased adherents say. Weakness to flattery is the enemy of moving forward. Be polite with your enthusiastic fans, but do not pay too much attention to what they say. Let your mother be your only exalted fan.


  1. Corporate gossips
It can be very difficult to resist intracorporate rumors and gossip. To seek out the background of someone’s decisions, to speculate about the secret purposes of colleagues – it’s so exciting! The only problem is that the one who supplies you with gossip just gossips about you with others. People you want to see among your closest associates will happily talk to you about what is happening in the company. But only what concerns their own feelings.


  1. “Wolves in sheep’s clothing”
People who you can trust always have someone to take care of. Do the “wolves”? Never. They are always for themselves. And at any time, when they find it convenient, they are ready to deal in an underhand way.


  1. “Geocentrists”
Prior to Nicholas Copernicus, most people were sure that the Earth is in the center of the universe. It is a pity that Copernicus rarely appears in the lives of people who are convinced that the world revolves around them. Completed egocentrists are the useless ballast. Do not think, you’re like Galileo, trying to change their attitude to themselves and others. Leave them behind – and move on.


  1. Prophets of difficulties
Such “problem visionaries” have a supernatural ability to predict a long list of problems that in reality never happen, and sometimes just a priori cannot happen. Of course, not anyone wants to make a mistake, which could be avoided. But if someone nearby constantly on every thought gives you an endless list of reasons why it does not work, then it is better not to connect closely.


  1. Pimps
Building contacts are important. But building stable and effective partnerships do not work on the principle of large numbers. Getting connections is not the ultimate goal. This is only an initial tool. Therefore, keep a smile on your face, communicating with the enthusiasts of new “useful” acquaintances. But do not let them get close to you.


  1. Planners of Meetings
Of course, they make sense: you need to maintain relations with partners. But what does not make sense, it’s to maintain personal and professional relationships, that can fail soon. People who need regular communication to know that they are still interesting to you. In short: this is a miserable relationship. Real professional relationships are based just on a real mutual need.


  1. Walking Dead
There are people who live at the tempo of zombie movies. They wander aimlessly from task to task, day after day, year after year, without a plan, ambition, and desire. Surround yourself with people who are full of ambitious plans and desire to achieve great results. Even if their aspirations do not coincide with yours – which is quite likely – their energy will support you in tone, and yours will support them. And do not approach the walking dead. They will not kill you, but they are quite capable of ruining your motivation and enthusiasm.


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