CRM system is one of the most effective tools that you can use in your company, also it can help in the development and strengthening the customer base. Businessman,  who have implemented CRM successfully, know how valuable and useful it can be. In 2016, the global market for CRM software was about $36 billion. And today you find out 9 new facts about CRM systems.
  1. Increases lead conversion

80% of companies that started using CRM for sales, increased the number of leads. 77% – noted an increase in the percentage of conversion of leads.
  1. Profits tips

CRM for sales generate $ 8.71 per dollar invested in them
  1. They want more than they can imagine

The research, conducted for people aged 18 to 65 years in the US and the UK, showed that brands should not build long-term relationships with customers, but demonstrate the desire to serve their customers and exceed their expectations constantly.
  1. Customer Expectations

According to this research, the number of satisfied users of the CRM system has increased by 66%.

  5. Profits and not only

CRM increases revenue by 41% on average per sales representative, increases lead conversion by 300% and reduces marketing and sales costs by 23%.
  1. Excel in the past

Elderly people are twice as likely to use programs such as Excel, Outlook, or similar files to store data about customers. This is one of the reasons why they can not take leadership positions.

  1. Availability of mobile CRM improves sales efficiency

One of the additional advantages of implementing mobile CRM is quick access to customer information, which is always in the pocket”. A recent study by Nucleus Research has found that mobile access to CRM increases sales by an average of 14.6%. Also, 3 out of 10 users notice a performance increase of more than 20% in the case of using regular reporting in the mobile
  1. Customers can leave the company because of the quality of services, not the price

Most believe that customers leave you because of the price or quality of the product, but that’s not true. The Rockefeller Corporation shows why customers leave the company and it turns out that 82% of customers will leave because they think that you do not care about them. Customers want to be perceived as individuals who are important to feel needed and to be cared for.
  1. Additional things

It’s good to have a CRM system, but without additional applications, it will be difficult to increase your business. Business Card Reader – helps you get rid of business cards that may get lost in your daily routine. Now, simply scan the business card using the application and manipulate the data directly into your system. Do not miss the chance to strengthen your position on the market, download our application now:

Hopefully, our article “Facts About CRM” were useful.

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