It’s not a secret that it’s wonderful to find new friends and business partners, who can support you and inspire to new achievements. But in fact, it’s also very important to identify among your close people those who hinder your progress. A good advice is to identify them and keep apart from them. We have analyzed and chosen 7 types of people with whom you shouldn’t reduce a close acquaintance and build a collective business.
  1. “Devil’s Advocates”
These are people who listen only their ego. They treat the only concept –  concept of their own self. But as it always turned out their thought is the most awful. It’s always happened that whatever they are trying to do failed most of the times. Therefore they are sure that once he could not, then no one ever could. Try to keep close people, who ask smart questions, share experiences of their achievements and help you look at the tasks from a different point of view closer. Try to avoid people who are always predict something bad is going to happen because it’s only their own miserable experience.
  1. Ardent fans
There will always be people whose experience in life, based only on their sad past. As it happened they try to explain what is wrong and what is true. Because they are so pessimistic they compare others to themselves. Unreasonable praise is pleasant but extremely rare – useful. None of us is so ideal to biased adherents say. You can’t show your weakness to the enemy and pay too much attention to what they say. Only your close people can be your only exalted fan.
  1. Corporate gossips
Sometimes it is difficult to stand aside rumors and gossip. You have to remember that the one who supplies you with gossip, on the other hand, gossips about you with others. People who will always cheer you up – that is the one who can be a real friend of yours.
  1. “Wolves in sheep’s clothing”
People who you can trust always have someone to take care of. Do the “wolves”? Never. They are always for themselves. And at any time, when they find it convenient, they are ready to deal in an underhand way.
  1. “Geocentrists”
Prior to Nicholas Copernicus, most people were sure that the Earth is in the center of the universe. It will be much better if Copernicus rarely appears in the lifes of human being who are thinking that the whole world is around them. Completed egocentrists are the useless one, with whom you will have a lot of problems. Do not think, you can change their attitude to themselves and others. No, it’s not that situation where you can change something. Leave them behind – and move on.
  1. Prophets of difficulties
This is such kind of people who are thinking just in a pessimistic way. They never see the light at the end of the tunnel. That is why people around them are always having difficulties on their road. Of course, that sad experience will never happen and this is only a myth. Not anyone wants to make a mistake, which could be avoided easily.
  1. Planners of Meetings
It’s not a secret that maintaining a warm relationship with co-workers is one of the most important things in working process. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be good friends with everybody. And we have to remember it’s more important to have professional relations rather than personal, that can fail soon. As we know some people have only fake friends. In short: this is a miserable, fake relationship. Real professional relationships are based just on a real mutual need, not on working plans.
  1. Walking Dead
  We mean somebody who leads an easy-going lifestyle. They never worried about anything. But such kind of living isn’t as interesting, because we just can say it’s existing. They don’t have any aim in life, any task per day, month, year. What is a more pity is that they don’t have any desire to develop some useful skills, ambitions.   In order to be successful in life, you have to surround yourself with successful people. Someone who is full of ambitious plans and desire to achieve great results. It is said that your friends are your reflections. Close people is someone who has a great power to motivate you when it’s a bit harder to go.    


   “Walking Dead” is that kind of people who won’t kill you, but they are quite capable of ruining your motivation and enthusiasm for your future success.


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