Nowadays, а business card is a way of representing a person in certain circles. The business card presents all the information about the person or company that it represents. There is no need to search for a scrap of paper to write your new contact information.

There are several easy ways to help make your business cards truly bright and effective.

  1. If you order business cards for your organization, you can include a slogan of a firm, a trading point or an institution in a card. Similar slogans are well memorized and are a great reminder of your business concept.
  2. Carefully work on information. Remember, the business card should not contain a lot of text, therefore, you should consider all the data that you would like to give to the client, and only select the key points by detailed analysis and selection. Of course, the card must necessarily include your contacts – address, phone, website, social networking groups.
  3. The design must be a simple, but bright. The abundance of text or images complicates the perception of information. That’s why you need to try to keep balance, making the business card visually appealing, but not overloaded with various elements.
  4. The more original and qualitative the business card is, the better for the business it becomes. A memorable design that matches your business profile is one of the pledges of the effectiveness of your cards. If you order a batch for your jewelry store, try to make the design professional and thematic, because only the business cards will lead to customer confidence
  5. For several years it was thought that the brighter the business card and the more contrasting the color it, the better results are waiting for you. Today, “screaming red cards with yellow and black inscriptions” will more likely cause rejection than attract customers. Remember, the business card should be not only catchy but also stylish, the colors should be well-balanced and complement each other.
  6. Use up to two types of fonts. Frequently entrepreneurs are lost in choosing a lot of beautiful and original fonts. However, you still have to decide, because the use of many different variants of writing the text will necessarily lead to a visual overload of a business card.
  7. Right on the business card, you can write about the possibility of receiving a discount. This will be an additional motivation for the customer to go to the store or office and find out about product prices.

We think you understand that nobody is insured against the loss of the business card. All valuable information may be lost at one point. But you can prevent this event. Try out Business Card Reader for Sugar CRM. Scan the business card with this application and send all the information directly to the CRM system.

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