We’ve researched an endless number of tips on how to get your business cards seen. With so much information at our disposal, it’s no wonder we don’t know where to start. Here are a few cool ways of distributing your business cards.


1. Drop it Like it’s very Hot

Don’t just hand your cards out – DROP them! You have a great advantage if you live in a major city like New York or San Francisco. With thousands of people walking through these city streets, you have a HUGE marketing hub. So, when you’re taking a subway or a bus and manage to get a seat, just drop your card on the seat. When you get up, the person next to you will take a look at what’s been left behind.


2. Can I Pencil You In?


Get your business card on a pen. Next time you are at a bank – whether using the ATM, you could use your own pen. But leave it there. People love pens, and when they see one just laying there, they’ll want to take it. Then every time they go to grab a pen, they’ll be reminded of your business.


4. Uber Anyone?


Next time you need to take an Uber or taxi, drop your business card in the seat. Drivers usually don’t clean their cars out until the end of their shift. So your card will be there for a while.

5. Checking Out

People tend to be bored when they are waiting in a checkout line. They will start to look around for interesting things to look at. There are usually lots of magazines there. So, just leave your cards in a little stack.

6. Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Never leave home without business cards. You’ll be surprised who you may see during a day. Before walking out the door, make sure your business cards are with you. You should always be prepared because any chance or meeting could turn into a business deal.

7. Pay Your Bills

It’s normal, that most people pay their bills online, but if you still mail in those checks, why not include your business slogan on your checks. Paper bills contain advertisements, so counter advertises your business when they open up the envelope. The person who opens your envelope might just need the services and products that you’re providing.


Do you have a unique way of distributing your business cards? Drop us a mail and we’d love to hear from you!


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